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CMS Exotica Workshop, Rome, 9-10 November 2012

CMS Exotica Workshop, Rome, 27-28 October 2011

My primary physics interest in LHC is searching for exotic new particles predicted by the Supersymmetry. High energy photons and missing energy could provide early signatures of New Physics with the first data collected at LHC.

In 2011 and 2012, I was the co-convener of the exotic searches working group in CMS.

See my talk at Physics in Collision 2011 summarizing the status of exotic searches at LHC and Tevatron at the end of summer 2011.

While preparing for analysis withg LHC data I have been closely involved with CMS software and offline projects. I was the co-coordinator of the CMS Reconstruction from January 2007 to November 2008.In 2006, I was the co-coordinator of the offline electron and photon reconstruction software.

I have also been involved in various activities related to the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) including the development of the offline conditions database and the comissioning of the high voltage system of the ECAL.

Past activities in BaBar

BaBar Detector

After my PhD, I mostly worked on the study of CP violation and the measurement of angle gamma of the CKM Unitarity Triangle. My latest paper in BaBar on Measurements of anti-B0 → D(*)0anti-K(*)0 was submitted to Phys. Rev. D - Rap. Comm. in April 2006..

In 2004, I was Reconstruction coordinator in BaBar. See my talk

BaBar Event Reconstruction

at the 2004 DPF in Riverside, CA describing the BaBar reconstruction algorithms and processing infrastructure

BaBar reconstruction workshop at UCSD on 16-17 February 2004
(requires BaBar HN password)