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C++ Codes for High Energy Physics

Here is a list of codes developed by myself and collaborators:
  • ggHiggs: inclusive (scalar and pseudoscalar) Higgs production cross section in gluon fusion at fixed order up to N3LO with mass effects

  • HELL: small-x resummation of DGLAP splitting functions and coefficient functions

  • THunc: a tool for computing theory uncertainties from missing higher orders

  • TROLL: threshold resummation at N3LL for Higgs, Drell-Yan and DIS

  • bbX: Higgs production with massive bottom quarks resumming collinear logs

  • massiveDISsFunction: DIS structure functions with massive incoming quark

  • ReDY: NNLO+NNLL Drell-Yan invariant mass and rapidity distributions

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