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Uncertainty in physics and the usual methods of handling it

``In almost all circumstances, and at all times,
we find ourselves in a state of uncertainty.
Uncertainty in every sense.

Uncertainty about actual situations, past and present...

Uncertainty in foresight: this would not be eliminated
or diminished even if we accepted, in its most absolute form,
the principle of determinism; in any case, this is no longer in fashion.

Uncertainty in the face of decisions: more than ever in this case...
Even in the field of tautology (i.e of what is true or false by mere
definition, independently of any contingent circumstances) we always
find ourselves in a state of uncertainty ...(for instance,
of what is the seventh, or billionth, decimal place of $ \pi$ ...)...''

(Bruno de Finetti)


Giulio D'Agostini 2003-05-15