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Contacts: Laura Cardani, Chiara Rovelli

Experimental challenges in Nuclear Astrophysics

Dec. 13, 2021 - 4pm - Aula Conversi
Speaker: Alba Formicola - INFN Roma


Accurate knowledge of thermonuclear reaction rates is important in understanding the generation of energy, the luminosity of neutrinos, and the synthesis of elements in stars. The relevant astrophysics cross section measurements are quite challenging considering that the energy window of interest is far below the Coulomb barrier. As the LUNA Collaboration has shown how going underground and using the typical techniques of low background physics, as the ERNA collaboration using an innovative recoil mass separator, it is allowed to measure nuclear cross sections at or close to energies relevant for the nucleosynthesis inside stars. This talk will outline the general features of experimental techniques adopted in nuclear astrophysics and will present a summary of the main recent results and achievements. The future developments of the LUNA experiment will also be shown.

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Measurements of the Higgs boson properties with CMS experiment

Jan 24, 2022 - 4pm - Aula Conversi
Speaker: Emanuele Di Marco - INFN Roma


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