Dipartimento di Fisica

Where we are

INFN Sezione di Roma
P.le Aldo Moro, 2
c/o Physics Department
"Sapienza" University or Rome
00185 - Roma
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The Rome Division of the INFN is located at the “Sapienza” University City the Department of Physics, “Guglielmo Marconi” Building.

Location of services

Ground floor: Electronics Laboratory, Calculation and Network Service, Mechanical Workshop, and Mechanical Design Service.

First floor: Administration (Missions, Accounting, Contracts, Cash, Accounting and Suppliers), External Funds, and General Services.

Second floor: Management (HR, Administrative Offices, and Occupational Health).

How to reach us

The Section is easily accessible by public transport, and located near three stations of metro line B:

It is also possible to use different surface transportation options, including:

For information about local public transport, consult ATAC website.

Connections to airports

All information about flights to Rome and connections between the city and airports are available on the Aeroporti di Roma website