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Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop Service of the Rome Section produces complex mechanical parts through the most advanced technologies, with the possibility of dimensional quality control through a suitable Metrology Laboratory. The production techniques used range from the more traditional chip removal techniques - both CNC and manual - to the more advanced ones, such as Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing.

Specifically, the service uses 3 CNC milling machines (with 3, 3+1 and 5 axes, respectively), 2 manual milling machines, 1 CNC lathe and 2 manual lathes for the processing of the most common metal alloys and plastics. In the field of 3D printing, it also uses 1 industrial printer with FDM technology, and a printer for curing photosensitive resins with high accuracy. The Metrology Laboratory - integrated in the Service for the dimensional quality control of any produced parts - is equipped with a reference table and a dial indicator, as well as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

The staff is trained in the use of three-dimensional CAD software, CAM for the preparation of tool paths for numerical control machining, and the preparation of printing jobs for the additive manufacturing machines supplied; it also makes available skills, professionalism and experience to support the installations and assemblies of experimental apparatuses designed by the INFN.


Angelo Mattei

People   ▽

Name Surname Task Role
Marco Iannone Employee Technical assistant
Massimo Nuccetelli Employee Technical assistant
Marco Magi Associated Technical assistant
Angelo Mattei Employee Technical assistant