trasferimento tecnologico

Technology Transfer

The INFN’s strategy for Technology Transfer (TT) rests upon leveraging innovative ideas and techniques arising from basic research, with the guiding principle of facilitating and accelerating the processes underlying the exchange of knowledge between the world of research and industry; new technologies can thus be transformed into goods and services that can be used by society at large.


For questions/advice, please contact: Chiara Ilaria Rovelli.

INFN-TT contact person for the Rome section

Chiara Ilaria Rovelli.


Existing collaborative research agreements

TT activities and results

Ptolemy-Nano UV Facility: synthesis of Carbon nanotubes   ▽

foto gruppo Ptolemy-Nano UV

The facility performs the following activities:

  • new directional light dark matter detectors;
  • new UV-light;
  • new nanocomposite materials (in partnership with the Engineering Department);
  • self-cleaning biosensors and coatings (in partnership with the Biology Department).

Manager: Francesco Pandolfi

ArduSiPM   ▽

riveltore ArduSiPM

ArduSiPM has been an TT domain activity underway at the Rome Section since 2017. The main applications are: school, university labs, beam testing and outreach.

Manager: Valerio Bocci