collisione di particelle

Particle Physics CSN1

The objective of the research coordinated by the National Scientific Commission 1 (CSN1) is to study the interactions of the fundamental constituents of matter through experiments with particle accelerators.

The theory that defines our current understanding of sub-nuclear physics is called the Standard Model. Current research aims to achieve a deeper understanding of some of its aspects, for example the mechanism by which particles mass is generated. In this sense, the discovery and study of the properties of the Higgs boson would decisively advance our knowledge.

By the experiments in progress, physicists also aim to discover new phenomena, which will lead to overcome the Standard Model. An example would be the experimental revelation of supersymmetry particles, some of which are candidates for dark matter (we know that the latter is largely prevalent in the cosmos, but are unable to reveal it or explain its nature). Other examples would be the discovery of new signals that could explain the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in our Universe, or proof of the existence of additional space-time dimensions.


Daniele Del Re