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Theoretical Physics CSN4

CSN4 coordinates research in theoretical physics, which develops hypotheses, models and physical theories to explain existing experimental results and open up new scenarios for the physics of the future. The most significant topics on which the CSN4 theoretical physicists are engaged today concern the investigations on the origin of the mass of elementary particles, the nature and properties of the so-called dark matter, the explanation of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the Universe, and the unification at quantum level of all fundamental interactions, including gravity.

Other research concerns the study of the nature and intrinsic structure of space-time, and the physics of the nucleus and its constituent particles, including the processes at the time of the Big-Bang and the subsequent evolution of the Universe. These theoretical studies make use, on the one hand, of experimental results produced by particle accelerators and astroparticle physics experiments, and on the other, of mathematical methods and formal and numerical techniques.

The CSN4 activities carried out by about 1000 scientists from all INFN sections and three of the four National Laboratories, are articulated in projects called “Specific Initiatives” that are developed in close collaboration with the academic world.

Theoretical INFN research is of great international importance, carried out in close collaboration with researchers from all over the world and involves the constant exchange of scholars among a variety of institutes, with a significant participation of young people.

In the past years, INFN has also given a significant contribution to the development of machines for parallel computing, for example within the project APE (Array Processor Experiment), of particular interest for research in the field of strong interactions and lattice gauge theories.

For more information and to meet the researchers of the Theory Group at INFN Roma, please visit the page Theory Group INFN Roma.


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