Computing and Networking Systems Services

Computing and Networking Systems Services (SICR)

The INFN Computing and Networking Systems Services manages the computer network, both wired and wireless, at the service of the local INFN branch, of the Physics Department of the Sapienza University of Rome and of the Tier-2 computing centre mainly dedicated to process data produced by LHC experiments at the CERN. It also manages the connection of the local network to the GARR infrastructure.

Located on the ground floor of the Guglielmo Marconi Building of the Department of Physics, it houses all network services (DNS, e-mail server, Web server, DHCP, print server, disk space distributed via AFS, etc.), as well as the central servers for user access and the main services of the Physics Department. It also hosts the computer facilities of theoretical and experimental groups that partner with the INFN and GARR PoP, to which the local network is directly connected.

The INFN IT and network service manages:

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