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The external beam radiotherapy research community is currently experiencing an exciting time: experimental evidence is growing, supporting the evidence of a considerable normal tissue sparing effect when treatments are delivered with dose rates much larger (100 times or more) with respect to the conventional ones. If confirmed, this so-called ‘FLASH effect’ has the potential to re-shape the future of radiation treatments especially with charged particles, with a significant impact on many oncology patients.

The FRIDA INFN project, starting in 2022, will address several challenges posed by this potential revolution. The mechanistic understanding and modeling of the effect will be one of the main project goals, together with the implementation of the necessary research and development phase in the acceleration and beam delivery fields to provide the required dose rates with a clinically acceptable precision. In addition, novel beam monitoring and dosimetry techniques capable of sustaining very high dose rates will be developed. Finally, dedicated efforts will be directed towards the implementation of software tools for FLASH treatments planning and for the evaluation of the technique potential in the most interesting pathologies (lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and brain multiple metastases).


Thesis Opportunities:

Development of a novel beam monitoring technique for applications in the FLASH radiotherapy performed using protons or electrons, that is based on the air luminescence physical principle.

Development of a compact electron LINAC, using C-band technology, capable of delivering electrons with energies in the 100 - 150 MeV range.

Implementation and optimisation of treatment plans using high energy electrons for the treatment of deep seated pathologies like lung, pancreatinc and head cancer. The modeling of the FLASH effect is also part of the study and of the implementation effort.

For more information, please contact: Alessio Sarti.

Local Coordinator

Alessio Sarti

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